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Wartime Glory is a turn-based strategy board game that is a perfect mix of classic war games like Risk with special cards that give it a new dimension of strategy and tactics.
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27 de jan. de 2023
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Wartime Glory is a turn-based strategy board game that is a perfect mix of classic war games like Risk with special cards that give it a new dimension of strategy and tactics.

Special features of Wartime Glory include:
✔ Online multiplayer in real time against thousands of global players 🌎
✔ Trophies and rewards with every victory 🏆
✔ Practice mode against an incredible artificial intelligence 🤖
✔ Complete missions and special challenges for rewards 🎯
✔ Battle free-for-all or 2v2 🤝
✔ Fight in multiple maps based on historical battles of World War 2 (WW2) 🔁
✔ Axis and Allies factions as well as fantasy ones 🇺🇸🇩🇪🇮🇹🇬🇧🇯🇵🇷🇺

Wartime Glory is a great WWII game if you are a war games or tactics games fan! Play it like so many other users and show us your fighting skills. Have you always loved playing Risk, are you tired of battleships, and do you have what it takes to face the toughest of challenges? If yes then show us, download this game and beat the best ones in countless battles! Wartime Glory is a multiplayer game about WW2 and military war strategy similar to Risk board game. An absolute must for you if you love tactics games, war simulator, or strategy games on the topics of war, conquer the world, military, missiles, or atomic bombs.

War Strategy Games: Play military conquest, conquer countries and dominate the world in WWII
It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced or inexperienced player, Wartime Glory is quick and easy to install. And once you have started the board game app, you will find that conquering the world is child’s play. So you can leave the Risk board game in the closet. War is coming!

Multiplayer game: Fight, conquer the world and conquer countries (War Simulator)
It combines classic Risk board gameplay and multiplayer games with an innovative deck of bonus cards for airstrikes, nukes, missiles, assassins and more. With different maps, game modes and options, and the possibility to play multiplayer games. Battleships are gone.

Spend countless hours in Wartime Glory War Simulator. You will hardly find another board game app that offers as many options in the area of​​strategy games as this war game about World War II. You will quickly notice how exciting the board game app is and how much fun conquering the world and conquering countries is. You quickly notice the many hours of development that were invested in this high-quality war simulator in advance, so that the game became what it is today: one of the most popular games currently available in the “Strategy War Games” genre on the market. Download the war game today. Below are the most exciting features of our WW2 war game:

Wartime Glory – Highlights of the Wargame
– World War II: war game with beautiful, illustrated cards
– Free War Simulator for everyone
– Team battles, rockets, nuclear bomb
– Multiplayer Games: Real-time online multiplayer game with integrated chat
– Auto save/resume offline games
– Personalized avatar and military troops skins
– Unique pattern colors to choose from in war game
– Turn-based leagues with rewards

Strategy Games War – Play now at extreme risk in WWII
Download the war game and play against countless other players in the most exciting battles! What are you waiting for? Do you love multiplayer games and tactical games about military, fighting, and atomic bomb? Be one of the many users who also believe in Wartime Glory. You will see that the app will meet your expectations and give you countless hours of exciting play. So no more battleships – will you survive the battle, conquer countries, and even conquer the world? Show us your skills in fighting and conquering the world and become the winner in WW2. No risk, no fun!

If you find a bug in our War Simulator war game, please support us and report it. You can email us at [email protected]. Thank you very much!


- New Countryballs faction theme!
- Bug fixes



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